“U.S. business schools are trying to master a new corner of the market: specialized master’s degrees.”

The Wall Street Journal came out in today’s paper with this article on new degrees offered by U.S. Business Schools. While McIntire isn’t mentioned in the article, it does hit close to home. The trend of specialized master’s degrees is catching on, and we should be thrilled McIntire is helping to lead the pack. It gives a particular shoutout to accounting programs:

“There is one discipline where the specialized master’s has a particular draw: accounting. More than 40 states have adopted a requirement for certified public accountants to have 150 credit hours before sitting for their exam, and most undergraduate accounting programs don’t fulfill that requirement. That hours gap has created a ripe new market for the advanced degrees.

Paula Loop, U.S. and Global Talent Leader at accounting firm PwC, says the proportion of new hires with specialized master’s comprises about 40% of the 3,500-person annual class of new assurance and tax-practice hires, although those with the advanced degree are hired as “associates,” the same positions as undergraduates.”

Please note the interesting last line. Food For Thought: How can GAB help McIntire distinguish our Graduate Program Degrees?