Greetings GAB!

On Wednesday evening, GAB hosted its first Bi-Annual Call. Members from all over the country (and world, actually) called in to hear updates on the major GAB initiatives. Thanks for calling in! In case you missed it, minutes will be sent out soon. Here’s an overview of what was discussed:

GAB’s core team has been focusing on many different projects, such as completing the revised by-laws, presenting an info packet to incoming students later in the summer, developing the blog and newsletter on the communications team, planning both mentoring opportunities for the board and students as well as providing volunteering opportunities and promoting giving.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

In Other News!

U.Va. entered into a new agreement with Coursera to provide several free non-credit classes worldwide. U.Va. will join other major universities, such as Stanford, Princeton and Duke, among others. The College of Arts and Sciences will offer three classes and Darden School of Business will provide the fourth. For more information regarding this big step, please see President Sullivan and Rector Dragas’ remarks.