For those of you who know the GAB members Ashley (Albers) Austin, Drew Austin, or Natalie (Albers) Lanier, you know that they are pretty amazing people and you probably also know that they belong to a great family. We just had the pleasure of tailgating with the Albers family over Homecomings weekend. Not only are these Board members wonderful, but they have a younger brother who just did something very inspirational as a result of an experience he had while an undergraduate student at UVA. I think Ashley’s proud words explain it best in a statement she wrote to Coach London:

“Coach London,

During a time when Virginia victories on the football field are tough to come by, I wanted to make sure you knew that you were responsible for one potentially life-saving victory off the field this week. My younger brother, Grant Albers, is donating his bone marrow today to a complete stranger and it all started with your influence at UVA.

Grant was a member of the Virginia Video Team from 2009 until his graduation this year. He loved getting to help film practices and games to help the football team and at some point he registered with the “Be The Match” Program due to your promotion of this great cause. He has been registered and screened for matches for the past couple years, but this Fall he found out he was a match and agreed to donate.

During a time when his “Millennials” generation can be characterized as self-centered and in need of constant praise, my brother is selflessly giving up his time and taking an unnecessary health risk to help a stranger — and I don’t think he even thought twice about doing it. He just thinks it’s the right thing to do and it’s no big deal to him. I could not be more proud of him. I am five years older, but in several ways I look up to my little brother.

He has inspired me to think about how I can be more selfless and giving, I know he has touched the rest of my family, and I am sure that the family on the other side of this procedure is beyond grateful. All of these lives would not have been touched, nor a life potentially saved, without your influence on the UVA football team. That’s a victory that all Wahoo fans can be proud of.

Go Hoos,

Ashley Albers Austin
UVA ’07, ’08

P.S. I attached photos of my family at the Maryland game this weekend and Grant in the middle of the donation procedure this morning. Wahoowa!”

Grant Albers, the Champ!

(Kim Albers, Ashley (Albers) Austin, Drew Austin, Natalie (Albers) Lanier, Grant Albers, Carl Lanier, Elaine Albers)

Source: Hoo’s in the ‘Ville on facebook